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Learn the Basic of Ski

This maneuver is all about making a full turn in midair. You need to focus on the spin and the landing to perform this trick successfully. Learn more in this section.

360 Tail Grab
A 360 Tail Grab is all about touching the tail of one Ski while turning 360 degrees in the air. Obviously, you should master the Tail Grab and the 360 turn first before doing this trick.

This is one of the many tricks that you can perform on rails. In this section, learn how to do a Railslide. You can use the animation at the right as you go through our easy-to-follow steps.

The Backscratcher is all about moving your Skis behind you in such a way that the tails are close to your back. Learn how to perform this trick in this section.

Lincoln Loop
If you are already at ease making jumps in the slopes, this Skiing Trick would not be difficult to perform. The Lincoln Loop is named after Eddie Lincoln, the 70s Hot Dogging Pioneer.

Tail Grab
In this Skiing Trick, you will touch the tail of one of your Skis while in the air. Learn how it is done in this section. Our animation will guide you as you go through the steps.

Iron Cross
The Iron Cross involves crossing your Skis once you get airborne. It requires enough height from the ground so the Tips of the Skis will not get caught in the snow throughout the trick.

After learning the 360, just add a 180-degree turn and you will have a 540. In this section, learn how to turn 540 degrees on air. You can use our animation as your guide.

This aerial trick is all about doing a split in mid-air. In other words, you will put one leg in front of you and the other one at the back. Check out this section to know more about the aerial trick called Daffy.

Back Flip
This Ski Trick is a backward somersault in the air. As you take off, shift your weight backwards by leaning back. This will make your spin. Find out how to do this trick in this section.


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