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History and geographic information of Gulmarg
Gulmarg Kashmir, is a town, a hill station and India’s premier ski resort. It is located 56 km south west of Srinagar. Gulmarg Kashmir's legendary beauty, prime location and proximity to Srinagar naturally make it one of the premier charming luxury hill resorts in the country. Originally called ' Gaurimarg' by shepherds, its present name was given in the 16th century by Sultan Yusuf Shah, who was inspired by the sight of its grassy slopes emblazoned with wild flowers. Gulmarg Kashmir was a favorite haunt of Emperor Jahangir who once collected 21 different varieties of flowers from here.

Gulmarg Kashmir is in the Pir Panjals, one of the six ranges which make up the Himalayas. It is a mountain shelf which nestles under the protective 4124metre height and 5kilometre shoulders of Mt Apharwat. From here it overlooks the Vale of Kashmir to 8126metre Nanga Parbat and other distant peaks.

The journey to Gulmarg Kashmir is as beautiful as the place itself. Roads bordered by rigid avenues of poplar gives over to flat expanses of rice fields interspersed with picturesque villages. Depending on the season, nature’s colours could be the translucent green of spring, summer’s rich emerald, or autumn’s golden hues, when scarlet chillies festoon windows of village homes. After Tangmarg, the climb to Gulmarg Kashmir begins through fir-covered hillsides. At one point, known as View Point, travellers generally stop their vehicles for a few minutes and look out a spectacle of snow-covered mountains, almost within touching distance.

Today Gulmarg Kashmir is not merely a mountain skiing resort of exceptional beauty, but it also has the highest green golf course in the world, at an altitude of 2,650m and is the country's premier ski resort in the winter. Gulmarg Kashmir’s ski resorts are located near one of the best slops for skiing in the world.

Gulmarg Kashmir's newly completed gondola, designed by France's Poma Group, ascends from the resort at 2650metres, via a mid station and restaurant at 3050metres, to an elevation of 3980metres, providing lift served access to 1330metres vertical of vast snow riding terrain.

Other modern infrastructure at Gulmarg Kashmir includes Kassbohrer snow grooming machines, Poma surface lifts, recently purchased hire equipment for a range of winter sports, and even a new ice skating rink. Gulmarg Kashmir biosphere reserve offers one of the most attractive wildlife tour packages and the Alpather Lake is a beautiful lake at the base of the Apharwat Mountain.

White Christmas celebration and snow festivals including ski competitions are held every year in Gulmarg Kashmir with much fanfare


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