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Weather of Gulmarg Kashmir is very gentle for lovers of skiing; some of the visitors say it a curry powder, due the geographic location Gulmarg Kashmir always have a heavy snowfall and tourist love it for the quality of snow it provides. Gulmarg Kashmir weather is one of the perfect weather for skiing in Himalayan region and sometime it exceed the western skiing resort altogether.

The skiing season in Gulmarg Kashmir usually commences before Christmas (around middle of December) and continues till middle of May.

We have regular weather information from several resources include the satellite from Indian government and other weather information providers. In extreme cold the temperature can go down to -18 degree Celsius and standard temperature in the month of October to February is in the range of 3 to -18 degree Celsius

Gulmarg Kashmir see a huge snowfall on the season and provide limitless powder skiing, you can ski for months in Gulmarg Kashmir without the dearth of powder and adventure as you can have an option to get more and more way out and desired slop in the region.

Gulmarg Kashmir is international tourism destination for winter game and also the favourite destination for the family holiday, honeymoon and other types of holiday. In Gulmarg Kashmir you can explore the huge types of food and cuisine which include kashmiri authentic food and continental food from several country, you can also get several other authentic food from other location of India and appetite yourself.

The wind conditions in Gulmarg Kashmir are generally similar to the quiet and gentle weather of the southern USA Rockies, ideal for maximising the quality and depth of the settled snow pack, as well as your riding comfort in both good and bad weather conditions.

The prevailing directions of Gulmarg Kashmir's winter storms tend to slightly favour the northerly orientated sub-faces of the ridges which wrinkle Mt Apharwat's five kilometre face. These north to northeast facing slopes on Gulmarg Kashmir's upper mountain provide a number of huge natural "snow traps" which can be relied on for excellent snow cover from December to late April.

Usually Snow begins early December , the lower altitudes of the Tangmarg valley below Gulmarg Kashmir, there is minimal early season rain, and that the first winter snows fall on dry cold ground, assisting accumulation of the early season snow base. What is the snow like?

The Snow quality in Gulmarg Kashmir is comparable to the higher altitudes of resorts in France and western Switzerland. Gulmarg Kashmir is located at a latitude of 34 degrees North and has a base altitude of 2,650 metres above sea level. Resorts with roughly comparable latitudes are Taos Ski Valley in the USA, and in the southern hemisphere, Portillo in Chile. One feature of Gulmarg Kashmir's snow that cannot be over emphasised is the low skier and snowboarder density: Gulmarg Kashmir's local snowriding population is tiny relative to the size of its terrain, meaning a lot of 'untracked' areas for overseas visitors!

When is the best time to visit Gulmarg Kashmir?

Recommend from mid January to mid February as the prime time to visit Gulmarg Kashmir, especially for snowriders seeking a balance between a reliable snow base, combined with cold-powder snow conditions down to the lower reaches of the off-piste runs below Gulmarg Kashmir in the Tangmarg valley

We have not yet visited Kashmir in early winter, but understand that Gulmarg Kashmir is typically covered in snow by early December. However, early season travellers should keep in mind that November is statistically Kashmir's driest month of year, and that no snowmaking exists to counter any late arrival of the first winter snows.

What are the winter temperatures at Gulmarg Kashmir? The following temperatures based on 50 years of data for Srinagar (recorded at 1663 metres above sea level). Indicative temperatures are for Gulmarg Kashmir’s gondola base station (2650 metres above sea level).

Daily Minimum-8.4-10.4-7.4-3.4
Daily Average-3.4-6.4-3.41.6
Daily Maximum2.6-

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