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Reaching Gulmarg Kashmir

You can leave home from cities almost anywhere and arrive in Gulmarg Kashmir the next afternoon. Most international flights to India arrive in the evening or later, requiring an overnight stopover in your city of arrival, preferably Delhi, which is the sole departure point for flights to Srinagar.

Flights from Delhi to Srinagar typically depart in the late morning and take about one and a half hours to reach Srinagar, with the right-hand side windows offering a great overhead view of the Himalayas.

The journey from Srinagar airport to Gulmarg Kashmir is 56 kilometres by fully paved road. Here is no direct public transport between Srinagar airport and Gulmarg Kashmir. In good weather we can transport you from the airport to arrive at Gulmarg Kashmir by 3pm, but in snowy weather the final 12 kilometres of mountain road from the village of Tangmarg can add considerable time to the trip.

For the coming winter, an additional 'snow-blower' is expected to be located in Gulmarg Kashmir, supplementing the existing 'snow-blower' which is stationed at Tangmarg.

International flights to Delhi

From Australia and New Zealand: Singapore Airlines flies every day between Singapore and Delhi, with good connections in Singapore from Brisbane, Melbourne, Perth and Sydney (riders from New Zealand and Adelaide can fly via one of the above cities, or alternatively need to overnight in Singapore).

Malaysian Airlines is less expensive, particularly in January, but you need to stay an additional night on your outward journey in Kuala Lumpar (as well as the following night in Delhi). A cheap way to visit Delhi from Melbourne and Sydney is to fly China Eastern Airlines via Shanghai. Outward connections in Shanghai to Delhi are good, but your homeward journey must include two nights in Shanghai, which sounds like a fascinating stopover.

From Japan and South-East Asia: Cathay Pacific, Japan Airlines and Singapore Airlines offer direct daily flights from Hong Kong, Tokyo and Singapore.

From Europe:
Air France, Alitalia, Austrian and KLM offer direct daily flights from Paris, Milan, Vienna and Amsterdam. Lufthansa has direct daily flights from Frankfurt, but these arrive and depart Delhi quite late at night. British Airways and Virgin Atlantic have convenient overnight flights from London (however neither arrive early enough in Delhi to enable onward connections to Srinagar).

Air Canada offers non-stop direct daily flights to Delhi, and is probably the most convenient western airline for travellers from the east of Canada and much of the USA. Travellers from the west coast of Canada and the USA should consider Cathay Pacific (via Hong Kong) and Japan Airlines (via Tokyo), which both fly daily to Delhi from their home cities.


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